Adoption Services is the national organization in The Netherlands that offers information, preparation, and aftercare in the area of adoption. Under the authority of the Department of Justice and Security, Adoption Services provides the information sessions that are part of the adoption procedure. General information about adoption and the adoption procedure is available via the telephone information line and the English brochure ‘Adopting A Child’.

Also Adoption Services provides information, and support to adoptive parents and adoptees. Professionals can contact us for consultation and continuing education.


Once a child has come to the Netherlands a very intense phase starts for the family concerned. Adoption Services supports adoptive families and adoptees in a variety of ways. Watch the video for more information.


For more information about adoption, preparation and aftercare, including the request of a registration form or brochure ‘Adopting A Child’ you can call on weekdays from 9:00 until 14:00 hrs: 030 – 233 03 40 (choose 1).